Masahiro Ishida

Masahiro Ishida

Creating a variety of Smart and Cute Robots since 2010.

Robot creator and Operator for a number of award winning films including “Spy in the Wild” and “Spy in the Haddle”.

In 2016, installed 3 meter long robotic mantis at Science Museum of Oklahoma.

In 2017 ~ 2019 created number of robots and operated for “Spy in the Wild2”.

In 2019, created a smart penguin robot for friendly zoo event.


  • Creating “Smart” and “Cute” animal robots
  • Operating robots in the wild
  • Creating a prototype for the device requires both software and hardware skills
  • CAD work on Fusion360
  • Programming with C++, C#, Java, Python, etc…
  • Manufacturing parts using CNC, 3D Printers, etc…
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