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Animal Robot, AI Robot, Humanoid Robot, Entertainment Robot
We are the creator of Cute and Smart Robots!

Latest Works


  • Development of Animal Robots equipped with high performance camera specialized in filming a wildlife.
  • Development of cutting edge robotic devices and systems for exhibitions in the museums.
  • Development of smart robots equipped with AI technology.
  • Consulting and hosting robotic workshop and events.
  • All the services shall be provided in both English and Japanese.

Robot in the Wild

Robotic Bear and Robotic Salmon —The Real Survival in the Wilds!
Here we are introducing another robotic animal we've created, Robotic Bear and Robotic Salmon! First of al...
Robotic Dragon — Trip to the islands with Dinosuars!
What we are introducing here is, Robotic Komodo Dragon! Spy in the Wild 2 has been released to the public...
BBC One “Spy in the Snow” Sunday 17:00 Dec 30 (UK Time)
Sunday Dec 30 19:00,  our Robotic Kangaroo (wallaby) will be on BBC One TV show called "Spy in the Snow"! "Spy in...
【Robotic Animal】Robotic Kangaroo Jumping around the Australia!
Today, we would like to introduce one of robotic animal which can blink eyes, walk, and jump! Robotic Kangaroo! ...
RoboHog is now on BBC One “Spy in the Wild”!
One of our robotic animal, super realistic robotic Hog is now on BBC One "Spy in the Wild". There are 5 programs in...