Robotic Dragon — Trip to the islands with Dinosuars!


What we are introducing here is,

Robotic Komodo Dragon!


Spy in the Wild 2 has been released to the public back in Jan 2020…
Now I can show some real pics from the projects that I’ve worked in the past few years towards this greatest film!

First of all, let’s check out this Youtube video!
Our Robotic Dragon and poor Robotic Piggy is in Action!


When I first saw them, I just thought they are the Dinosaurs!
They really are the dinosaurs…, fast, strong, and terrifying beasts!

Towards the end of the clip, you can see our poor piggy getting eaten by the beasts!

That’s our robotic hog costumed with a new skin representing a “Peccary” (one of the species of a wild pig).

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The dangerous dragons are living in the islands on the equator.

We got on a nice ship and sailed to the island, enjoy looking at the beautiful sea along the chain of tiny islands.


Everyday, we left our ship around 6 am and went in the wild.

Passing through the village, climbing up on the mountains, and looking for our targets.

It took us about 3 hours trip to the top of the mountain.

,… and another 3 hours down…


When we find our dragons, we quickly opens up our gears and filmed them.

Then went looking for another dragons…

No stopping really…, We are Hunters!


When we finished…, I had another fun things to do…


Dragons has super sharp teeth, like a shaving blades.

Our robotic dragon had to have a taste of what it’s been made for…

The reason of me going on those trips with our team is here…

Fixing the robot and get it ready for the Next Adventure!


It was a fun trip as always be, and we enjoyed being in the such a nice wild places and with wild people!

We were there for about 10 days, and I lost about 10kg!



I’ve used dynamixel servos for all the joints.
I was requested from the customer to use those servo motors.

They are great servo motors that provides decent torque for operating bigger robots.

However, there is one thing that they are not very good at…


Handling the Heat!


I had to struggle with was “Overheating” problem!

Because the temperature is so high…, they were stopping every once a while and I had to stop the operation and wait for it to cool down…

Which is fine for the robots operated in the lab…
But for us, the time is limited and there is not a second to waste!

If I’m going to work on any big robot’s again,
I will probably go with Japanse servos,
and build the hard shell with fans blowing the air in and out.