Interactive Robotic Mantis

We have installed Robotic Insect exhibit in Oklahoma US and Interactive Robotic Mantis is the main character in the exhibit and bringing tons of guest in the museum!

Interactive Robotic Mantis

Why do we say “Interactive”?
This robotic mantis will play his role based on your activity.
It will correct position and body gesture date from the kinect sensor mounted on the platform, then decide what the next move is…
Comparing to the robot you see in the other exhibits that only play preprogrammed animation over and over again…, this mantis will interact with you and provide more dynamic and realistic experience to the guests.

Let’s take a look at how the Mantis tracks the guest activity!

This insect exhibit is currently hosted at Oklahoma City Science Museum and will be traveling around 5 other museum in the next 3 years.
Please visit the museums when you have a chance!

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