Robotic Bear and Robotic Salmon —The Real Survival in the Wilds!


Here we are introducing another robotic animal we’ve created,

Robotic Bear and Robotic Salmon!


First of all, let’s take a look at our previews from “Spy in the wild 2” Youtube video, our robotic bear is in action!


Here is another Youtube clip with our Robotic Salmon!


And here is another Youtube video of us making a Robotic Bear!




Trip to The North Land


After 2 days journey on the airplane and a car ride,
I’ve finally arrived at the harbor welcomed by the greatest ship I’ve ever seen before.

The ship had 2 floors, 1st floor had 5 rooms with a bathroom and big open space in the middle for hosting the guests.  Each room were equipped with 4 beds!
2nd floor had main control room, few rooms and a bathroom for the clues, and a kitchen, etc…
The basement was a engine room with full of equipment that I’ve never seen before…


I just never thought that those ships were operated with legs…

This greatest ship was built by the captain!
He is the one of the famous ship builder in town.

The ship is equipped with a “Gyro System” which makes this ship so unique that it can go and cut though the big waves without tipping over!

I was just so glad that we had such a nice ship to be our base.
No one would wanna swim in such a freezing water.


Here is my working space and me setting up our robotic bear!
I had to disassemble it for the transportation to reduce the risk of breaking it.

I always appreciate having a nice and clean working space!
which doesn’t happened to be always arranged in the every trips…

It took us a day and half to get to the location.
By the time we got there, guess how many people were still survived from the terrible “sea sickness”!


We’ve parked our ship on the sand bar near the location.
During the low tide, we walked down to the filming site.
During high tide, we used a small boat.

When the tide is not low or high enough…, we were stack on the ship and watched someone hustling to fly our Robotic Eagle.



Here is what happens when people trying to film the animals with their favorite food source.


It’s my turn to work hard now.

Let’s get him back alive again!



We haven’t forgot about our bear!

Our guide was always looking around and making sure no wild beasts are approaching to us without our attention.


Would you like to have some grilled salmon?


Why would think that the bears like to eat somebody’s feet???


We were there about 10 days and I gained about 10kg!!!?

I normally lose my weight during those trips, but this time we just had such a nice meals every day!


I love being in the wild and sharing the time with those animals and people.

I just hope this great nature will be kept for our great future!