Company Info

RoboPara.Inc (Scince 2016)
Address: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Masahiro Ishida


  • Development of Animal Robots equipped with high performance camera specialized in filming a wildlife.
  • Development of cutting edge robotic devices and systems for exhibitions in the museums.
  • Development of smart robots equipped with AI technology.
  • Consulting and hosting robotic workshop and events.
  • Translating robotic related technical information in English/Japanese.
  • All the services shall be provided in both English and Japanese.

Project History

2016-03 Robotic Wolf PuppyBBC “Spy in the Wild”
2016-05 Robotic Wild HogBBC “Spy in the Wild”
2016-09 Robotic MantisScience Museum of Oklahoma
2017- 06 Underwater Crab Robot
2017-09 Underwater Lobster Robot
2018-01 Robotic KangarooBBC ”Spy in the Snow”
2018-03 Robotic Arm — Pucho Ahhn
2018-07 Robotic Bear CubBBC Spy in the Wild 2 
2018-07 Underwater Salmon RobotBBC Spy in the Wild 2
2018-09 Robotic Arm — Pucho Ahhn 4D
2018-10 Baby Emperor Penguin Robot — BBC Spy in the Wild 2
2018-11 Robotic Land Crab
2019-06 Mini Horse (corroborating with VANIMA) — JRA
2019-09 Underwater Robotic Shrimp
2019-10 Conversational AI Robotic Penguin
2020-06 Robotic Mudskipper
2020-10 Robotic Shell fish
2020-10 Robotic Crab