RoboHog is a medium size 4 legged robot, that can move and walk like a real baby hog.
It’s size and mechanical design is based on a baby Hog.


Most of the parts are built with Dreamer (small desktop sized 3D printer).
Of course If your project has good amount of time secured for the development, It would be better to have some of the parts CNC machined…. but most of project I work on don’t have it….
With 3D printer, you can reduce the time waiting for the parts to be manufactured.
Even if the parts are designed and simulated in 3D CAD and  you will still have try and error process going on, and the parts needs to be manufactured again.  This will become a big issue if your designs are sent over and manufactured by somebody else…
After pressing “Start” button on the printer, you can just go back to your development and keep working!


I like to use ABS filament.
The robots in this size will have good amount of shocks applied to the joints while its moving and can damage the servo motors.
ABS parts can absorb those shocks and gives a bit flexibility in the movements.
Thinking about the robot getting pushed over and rolling around the ground….Yeah, needs some flexibility…


To match the shape of a baby hog leg, I used linkage design shown above pic.
It worked out great, but later on needed some modification to the servo linkage to give more strength.


After the first deployment, those weaker parts shown above pics were replaced with the parts made of aluminum.

The pics with skins on will be uploaded when they are available to the public!