RoboPup is a robotic puppy that can move and walk like a real dog.


The servo motor used in the puppy robot is Futaba RS304.
The shell size is small enough to fit in the skinny puppy legs and strong enough to hold its body.
Later on, the thigh joints have been upgraded to RS303 to give more strength to support its movements.


Some of the brackets are the same as the ones used in G-Dog and the rest of the parts are 3D printed by the Dreamer (Desktop size 3D printer).


The servo motors are controlled by VSRC003 with Gyro/Accel expansion board.
It can sense the balance and adjust the servo movement and allows it to move and walk like a real puppy.


His skin was designed and created by the artists in UK.
Pics with the skins on will be uploaded when its available in public!!!