How to share Large Files — Dropbox

It is very important for us to identify the problem at early stage and specify what the best fix is, and lots of good pictures and good videos will helps a lot.

Here is the steps to share the large files such as videos with our support team.

  1. Create Dropbox account (If you don’t have)

    Enter your name, email, and password and click on signup.
  2. Sign in
    Once your account has been created, please sign in to your account from Dropbox website.
  3. Create a Folder and Upload Files
    Create a new folder for your project and upload the files you would like to share.

    You can “Drag and Drop” the files or click “Upload” and select the files.
  4. Share the File
    Once the files are uploaded, you can share them by changing sharing option for the files.

    Click on where it says “Only you”.

    Then, click on “Create Link”

    Copy the Link.

    Paste the copied link to your email and send it to us with a little description of what problem is.

Here are some useful instruction from   Dropbox website.